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Self-Assessment Tools

What If You Could Conduct Your Own Assessment of Community Functioning and Resilience?

The COPEWELL self-assessment rubric tools and implementation guides have been designed to give communities an opportunity to engage in the process of bringing together diverse expertise across community sectors to discuss, assess, strategize, plan, and improve and enhance community resilience to disasters.

Learn more about the self-assessment process here:

COPEWELL Rubric User Guide

Each of the five self-assessment rubric tools below map directly to the COPEWELL model elements of Pre-Event Functioning (Community Functioning), Resistance (Prevention/Mitigation and Population Vulnerability, Inequality and Deprivation (PVID)), and Recovery (Social Capital and Cohesion and Emergency Management). Used individually, the rubrics will help communities focus their attention on specific areas of need or concern. Used together, the rubrics will help paint a holistic picture of community resilience and inspire communities to take action to enhance resilience to disasters.


Pre-Event Functioning

Community Functioning

Community Functioning RubricCommunity Functioning User Guide
Download the Community Functioning Rubric (PDF)Download the Community Functioning Implementation Guide (PDF)


Prevention and Mitigation

Prevention and Mitigation RubricPrevention and Mitigation User Guide
Download the Prevention and Mitigation Rubric (PDF)Download the Prevention and Mitigation Implementation Guide (PDF)

Population, Vulnerability, Inequality and Deprivation

Population, Vulnerability, Inequality and Deprivation RubricPopulation, Vulnerability, Inequality and Deprivation User Guide
Download the Population, Vulnerability, Inequality and Deprivation Rubric (PDF)Download the Population, Vulnerability, Inequality and Deprivation Implementation Guide (PDF)


Social Capital and Cohesion

Social Capital and Cohesion RubricSocial Capital and Cohesion User Guide
Download the Social Capital and Cohesion Rubric (PDF)Download the Social Capital and Cohesion Implementation Guide (PDF)

Emergency Management

Emergency Management RubricEmergency Management USer Guide
Download the Emergency Management Rubric (PDF)Download the Emergency Management Implementation Guide (PDF)