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Firsthand Accounts

These videos introduce users to COPEWELL and help to familiarize them with potential use cases.

In this video, Jon Links, the original director of the COPEWELL project, describes COPEWELL and the resources available to potential users.



View captioned town hall videos from October 11 & 13, 2022.

First townhall



Second townhall



In this video, public health practitioners Cathy Slemp and Liz McDevitt explore how NJ VOAD has been using COPEWELL in very different ways across three New Jersey communities.



In this video, public health practitioners Cathy Slemp, Janet Zeis, and Tim Elbertson, provide their thoughts on using COPEWELL in the field.



In this video, COPEWELL researchers and practitioners provide a demonstration webinar and in-depth descriptions of how COPEWELL has been used.