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Since 2011, the COPEWELL project has been funded through grants and contracts provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to create a whole of community approach to better define and understand the relationship between resilience and disasters. The outcome of this work is the development of tools and resources that communities can employ to bolster efforts to improve community functioning and resilience before, during, and after disasters.

The COPEWELL project team is a multi-disciplinary group of researchers and subject matter experts representing the fields of behavioral health, civil engineering, criminal justice, community health, computational modeling, education, disaster and emergency management, emergency medicine, environmental epidemiology, environmental health sciences, geography, health behavior, health communication, law, mental health, program evaluation, public health practice, public policy, public safety, risk management, social epidemiology, sociology, systems modeling, urban affairs, and urban health.

The project team consists of faculty, staff, and students from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Delaware, as well as external consultants.